1. chadjw's Avatar
    OK... I know this will blow some of you away.... but here goes. I am a family man with 9 (that right, i said nine) children, six of whom are in school. Until January, my wife and I homeschooled our children. Now, they are in public school. By a serendipitous turn of events, all six of my children qualified to receive a free Acer Iconia Tab tablet.

    My family, including me and mom, are thrilled. But I would like to use these tablets in a way that can benefit my children more than just them browsing the net or watching you tube, etc...

    We still teach bible lessons at home. I'm looking for an application that would offer each child an interface with a bible lesson plan that I choose (or develop). I know that this is a lofty goal, but I am so devoted to it that I would like to learn about creating applications to see if it's a possibility. But, something that I could use to this end might exist.

    I would like for my children to be able to click on an app and read a text that has been chosen, (audio would be great since some don't read well yet), a lesson that would follow, and answer some questions that I could later monitor. Does anything like this (or any combination of things) exist?
    02-24-2012 09:37 PM
  2. rpscott02's Avatar
    Havent seen anything like it but if you find/create something, let me know!
    02-27-2012 06:18 AM