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    Hello Everybody,

    Wed like to introduce to you ProInsights-a LinkedIn Visualization app for Android Tablets.

    ProInsights gives your LinkedIn profile a complete makeover by radically transforming plain data into brilliant infographics. These infographics are presented as stunning visuals which helps you discover fascinating insights about yourself and your network.

    Few of these insights include- the top countries and companies that your connections work in, your career timeline and the LinkedIn Quotient which is a weightage given to your LinkedIn profile based on your influence and reach.

    ProInsights comes with a very interesting feature called the Connection Explorer which helps you view your connections in four convenient and highly interactive modes- Card Deck, Mosaic, Bird Eye and Spring Graph. The Connection Explorer includes a powerful search tool called IntelliSearch, which lets you deep search your network by skill-set, city, industry or just about any keyword, thus helping you find the most relevant contacts.

    Weve just released an update to ProInsights- V2.0 which includes new features:

    Network Updates: View all your network updates; including company updates, job postings etc. and interact with them. You can now post status updates on your LinkedIn timeline.
    Send your contacts messages from within ProInsights
    Interactive Infographics: You can now view your connections profiles from your infographics. Just tap on the countries, companies or the photo-wall widget to view more details on your connections!

    Read more about ProInsights and download it here.

    Heres a sample infographic generated from ProInsights:

    We hope all the LinkedIn users will try out ProInsights and email us at support[at]xlabz[dot]com with your feedback and suggestions.

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    03-13-2012 02:58 AM