1. pianomaster's Avatar
    Want to purchase at bat 12 and reviews seem not to be to good can anyone comment if the app works as advertised on Asus eee transformer, any, down side and any recomendations
    04-11-2012 10:23 AM
  2. jedi105's Avatar
    At Bat 2012 works great. Occasionally, if listening to the game, depending on your wi-fi and if you have any other internet things going on, the sound can become distorted or almost in slow mo... You can understand the broadcasters and it kinda sounds cool, but that is the only usability issue I have found. Not a deal breaker to me. As for the rest of the app, let me tell you it looks great on the tablet screen. One weird note, the team button that you can select, still opens to MLB wide scoreboard instead of for the team specified. It also opens to MLB wide news instead of the team specified. You have to drill down to your team even though the button is supposed to do that for you. I may just have it setup wrong, but At Bat 2012 is a great appp to have. Its expensive and you have to purchase it every year, that is a big negative
    04-26-2012 03:32 PM