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    I've been using K9 on my Droid phones and am pleased. The form factor for tablets is not ideal. The app that came with my tablet only loads 25 messages at a time, requiring me to have an internet connection to function. Again, not ideal.

    Thus, I'm looking for suggestions for an app that will have a nice form factor for a tablet, taking advantage of the larger screen, you can customize the number of messages to keep in memory and handles attachments well. On the attachments, it would be nice to be able to browse the file directory to select where to store it each time.

    If there is a forum on this already, please post the link. I searched and scrolled but didn't find one.


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    05-15-2012 01:02 PM
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    I may have solved my own question. Maildroid. I had passed over this app because I had previously looked and it and did not like it much. Wow, it has changed. I'm going to install it on my Bionic, too. After 30 minutes with it, I'm sold.

    That said, I'm still open to other suggestions. I use IMAP, so Touchdown will not work.

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    05-15-2012 01:49 PM
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    This is getting to be a onesided conversation. I've used Maildroid for a week now. It's okay. It seems to want to download on demand rather than storing data and attachments. I'm unconcerned about how much room it might use to store. There are some other quirks. I'd be interested in other program suggestions. A reasonable price is acceptable.

    On a side note, I tried it on my Bionic and ended up deleting it. Too many quirks for a phone. Seems much more suited for a tablet. Back to using K-9 on my phone.

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    05-21-2012 12:11 PM
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    I have been looking for quite some time and am still looking. Funny, but there is noting out there that even matches the default WebOS mail app.
    05-21-2012 08:12 PM
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    For Android tablets there aren't that many that are optimized for the tablet experience. The stock gmail and email apps are more then adequate for me but there are other options

    Kaiten Mail is based on K-9 though it is a premium app it is design specifically for tablets

    Moxier Mail is another options, it has a much higher premium price but it offers exchange and outlook support you don't get out of most of mail apps
    05-21-2012 11:25 PM