1. StoneRyno's Avatar
    So my bank is finally added to mint.com so i can use it to track my finances more easily once again. I had a few observations and thought I'd post about them to see others thoughts. The app seems to be missing some detailed features: the option to set a rename and recategorize rule when making an alteration to an item, the ability to edit account details, and the ability to filter accounts from some or all of mint. Also the app doesn't show up in the recently used apps list for easy switch between it and other apps. Which I imagine I'm not the only one who would need to reference other things related to working with my finances. But not only does it not show it also doesn't remember it's state. In other words tapping home doesn't leave it open since when you radio the app icon to return to the app after having trapped the home button you are right back at the initial view state. This being the most annoying since I typically reference other related things while working with it. I suppose it would be just as easy to log into mint.com in the browser on the tablet. But for some reason I like apps over web pages for things that don't have to be web pages.
    05-15-2012 05:48 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Thanks for the thought's and input. I have never really considered using a budget app such as this until recently. I agree that it's not really intuitive to use the web browser in order to access various settings / features. Doing so from the app is more convenient and efficient. However, I realize that certain features are only accessible from the web browser, perhaps for security purposes, and I'm willing to sacrifice that convenience.
    05-21-2012 10:14 PM
  3. StoneRyno's Avatar
    hm security issue makes sense for some features i guess. Not sure if that applies tot he one missing feature that drives me away from using the app: split categories for a single transaction since often times I'm not just buying stuff from one category. Example buying clothes and picking up household products on special I didn't catch until being at the store. Split category trend to be as much as half or more of my transactions.
    05-22-2012 01:01 PM