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    I am looking for solutions to a need my wife has. She is a teacher and would like to utilize her new N7 in the classroom in a specific way. As a special education teacher, she has some specific needs. With that said she wants to put this N7 to work without being forced to utilize an iPad (of course we do not know if an iPad solution is out there either).

    She would like to scan or take a picture of documents/images with text, and then utilize a TTS reader to read the text aloud to a student. She has the use of a Razr for the picture/document scanning, and the use of dropbox or drive.

    We have tried saving scanned/captured images, and utilizing a PDF reader/editor function, but none have recognized the text.

    I am hoping someone else has done what she is needing, and there is an easy solution out there.
    08-05-2012 05:03 PM