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      xCloud is an app for data transferring that connects PCs to mobile phones. xCloud turns your PC at home into your personal cloud storage, or a net disk, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. xCloud enables you to upload or download photos, music, videos or other files at will when youre not at home.

      xCloud can connect your mobile with PC directly to transfer data even when network is unavailable or in bad WiFi signal as Bluetooth does. But the transmission speed is dozens of times faster than Bluetooth; while the operation is much easier.

      With xClouds Wake over Internet function, theres no need keeping your PC open in case you need to access data any more. You can just login to xCloud on your mobile and wake your PC whenever necessary.

    xCloud is just your reliable Virtual USB data cable!

    Check out xCloud on Google Play

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    Instant Uploads Once snap a photo, you can upload it instantly. With 3rd-party cameras photographing supported, newly-taken photos can be uploaded to your PC automatically such as Camera 360, Instagram etc..
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    Remote access anytime anywhere Remote access your PC with mobiles via Internet securely. No limitation on file format nor file size in transmission.
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    Do you know the famous movie Face/Off? xCloud here shows you another amazing movie-like feeling.
    You can Face/Off by Switching to PC/Phone at will and access any your data either from Synology or mobile phone as you wish. In this way, xCloud simplified your data transferring. Besides, the cold color blue & green interfaces can ease your eye stress and adjust your eyesight.
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    xCloud neighbor In some circumstances, when there were no Internet connection on WiFi or even no WiFi signal, xCloud will still work though switching to AP mode or finding neighbors.

    ☆ Please make sure youve already downloaded an xCloud server and installed it on your PC before you can use xCloud mobile app on your phone. Download link: 小云随手 -"小云"我的电脑,我的云
    ☆ Sometimes, you need to set routers uPnP to ON in order to access your PC via Internet successfully. Please refer to xCloud web site for detailed settings.

    Whats new
    ☆ Remote Wake over Internet function is available, letting you power ON or OFF your PC at anytime and anywhere*. (Some hardware settings are required. Please refer to official web site for details.)
    ☆ xCloud neighbor helps you access your Notebook even when Internet unavailable or NO WiFi signal.
    ☆ File transfer pause/resume function.
    ☆ View local files without sign in.
    ☆ Fully support for Synology NAS servers. (Please download and install the correct spk package at the official web site.)

    If you have any questions or comments about xCloud, please tell xCloud team at:
    Facebook: xCloud official facebook
    Twitter :@ xCloud001
    Blogger:[URL="http://xcloud001.blogspot.hk"]xCloud official blog/URL]
    Skype: xCloud001
    MSN: xcloud001@hotmail.com
    10-17-2012 02:25 AM

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