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    I'm no iOS fanboy, just use what works best for me and my family. We are iPhone/iPad users but I'm moving to an HTC One X+ as soon as AT&T sells it so I don't have to always be waiting for jailbreaks. Got rid of my iPad 1 today and was about to get a refurb iPad 3 direct from Apple for $379 (16GB) HOWEVER, I have been reading about the Nexus 10, and it seems to me, possibly Google/Samsung have FINALLY got something as good if not better than the iPad. What REALLY has me attracted to it is the multi-user profile capabilities of the O/S. Apple has not done this, figures everyone should be rich enough to buy every person in their household their own iPad.

    I really have only one concern and it IS a major one. Sounds to me like one of the ongoing deficiencies in the Android world has been the lack of tablet-specific apps? So I went to Google Play and searched for some of the apps we have on our iPad. If I hand my kids a Nexus and they can't get the apps they love, I'm dead meat.

    What is REALLY frustrating is that there appears to be no indication on the app description page if it is written for a tablet or not or if you are going to be looking at some lower phone resolution app that has to be scaled up? Nor is there a search filter to only pull up tablet apps (and this from the Kings of Search?) So what's the REAL story? Should I wait, or is the tablet app selection not that bad compared to Apple and or rapidly getting much better?

    Here's a sampling of apps I searched for but I have no idea if they are tablet or phone apps. is there a way to tell without actually running them?

    Whiteboard - check (probably tablet)
    ESPN Scorecenter - check
    Planet Finder - check
    GarageBand - of course not
    Flixster - check
    SkySafari - check
    Kick The Buddy - NO?
    COD Zombies - check
    Infinity Blade - NO
    FL Commando - check
    Minecraft PE - check
    Dragon Dictation - NO
    Evernote - check
    10-31-2012 07:23 PM
  2. MangoPowah's Avatar
    As far as I know, a lot of the apps are just blown up phone versions They're not much of a problem for me, though. I'm speaking with experience from my Nexus 7. Of course, I'm sure the devs here will get their stuff together soon and optimize their apps.

    Sent from my HTC One X
    10-31-2012 11:44 PM
  3. NlBO's Avatar
    Personally my Nexus 7 has every app I need. Not all are tablet specific but they still resize nicely enough so you can't notice

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
    11-07-2012 10:59 AM
  4. oz123's Avatar
    You could try Tablified Market, it's all there really is at the moment. It is really time for Google to address this situation,how hard would it be to organise the playstore.

    11-11-2012 02:33 AM

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