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    Handy Note: Get Rid Of Notebooks And Keep The Same Experience
    Paper notebooks are very important. They help us write down important notes which we can go through before a test or help us remember important things. However, carrying paper notebooks isnt easy and taking care of them can get annoying as well. So, if you are an Androite, who wants to replace all your paper notebooks but keep the same experience, then the app Handy Note is for you, read on to know more.
    As the name implies, this app is for you if you have been looking for a note taking app that offers numerous features and is easy to use. You can use this app the same way you use a paper notebook. It allows you to take notes in a simple and easy manner. You can create a diary, a journal and so much more.
    The best thing about this app is the freedom it provides you. You can input text, free draw, write what you want by hand, insert symbols, insert images, drag shapes and do numerous other things while you are taking notes.
    When it comes to handwriting, you will see that you are able to write anything you want by hand, and its displayed in a pleasant manner. Beautiful handwriting is possible through the Magic Pen, which is a creative technology of Handy Note, and it greatly improves the quality of handwriting. You get 5 different pen styles along with 6 colors and 6 strokes.
    You can even make your notes look nice by selecting an art-design template, note covers and even different looking papers. You also get interesting and colorful sticky papers which you can use whenever you want. Theres an option to present your notes through the Slide Show feature. The templates you get include basic, diary, business, academic, personal, time management and a lot more. Developer of this app has release a series of free templates called Resource Package for this app and you can continually to have different templates to install on Handy Note.
    The notes can be with other Android devices or a backup can be created on Dropbox. You can also share notes in format of PNG, PDF. The Time notelet feature enables you to show pages on the notification bar of your device. Other notelets present in this app are for date, phone and links. Though this app is amazing to have on your devices, it doesnt support a screen less than 3.8-inches or having a resolution thats lower than 800480.
    Handy Notes Conclusion
    Handy Notes is a must-have app for your Android device if you like taking notes, and you want to take notes in an effective manner. With this app, you need not worry about paper notebooks and figuring out how to keep them safe.
    you can download Handy Notes for $0.99 from the Google Play Store. Feel free to comment.
    11-16-2012 05:46 AM

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