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    In September 12 Helicon Books has launched the first EPUB3 reader for Android- The Helicon Books Gyan Reader.
    This revolutionary step in the ebooks industry has opened a door not just for interactivity in the ebook industry but also for the high level education, science, and math books by adding capabilities of showing mathematical formulas with the MathML.
    The new EPUB3 reader of Helicon Books is also an answer for people with disabilities.
    The new feature of Media Overlay supports audio and light the phrases and words which are pronounced.

    New features of the reader
    - SVG
    -Interactive SVG
    MathML- for mathematical formulas
    -Fixed layout
    - JavaScript
    -Media Overlay(Speak aloud)

    Helicon books reader supports all the above features and more. It also supports more advanced features such as interactive 3D images that can be rotated in order to view the object from different directions.
    The reader is available for white labels licensing and customer specific customization.
    for more information see: Helicon Books Gyan Reader
    12-16-2012 07:56 AM

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