1. Evan_S's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    I just got my brand new nexus 7, and I want to download some news apps.However, there are so many options on there Google play store that I have no clue which one(s) to get.
    I have heard of apps like pulse, currents, feedly, flipboard, taptu, news republic, and more. I do not want to use multiple news apps. I want everything in one. So my question is, what are your favorite news/magazine apps. I am most interested in top news, technology, gaming, sports, and science.
    Thanks in advance!
    12-26-2012 05:45 PM
  2. jparker71's Avatar
    I've tried several of the ones you mentioned, and of those, I prefer Pulse.
    12-26-2012 06:02 PM
  3. lynnneil's Avatar
    news republic.
    01-08-2013 12:42 AM
  4. ignb's Avatar
    01-08-2013 01:31 PM

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