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    I bought a Visual Land Prestige 7 for $100 mainly to watch downloaded tv shows and movies--I do it with a computer hooked-up to an LCD tv and wanted to do it with a different tv set. I looked into all kinds of media players and flash drive players and figured why not buy a tablet--it'll do all that stuff plus I'll have the tablet.

    I've learned that Visual Land has some bugs. The tablet went dead one day and I went through all kinds of customer service gyrations--there's no info anywhere--to do a hard reset. I also bought a Visual Land portable MP4 player because it was a good price and hooks to a tv, but it won't play the kinds of files it says it will and the tv picture is terrible. Support from Visual Land is poor (at first no phone number; unanswered e-mail).

    So before I send them both back, I want try the function that may make me keep the tablet. I can't get it to play any videos from some streaming sites I use--they're movie and sitcom sites, usually in Europe (e.g., watchseries.lt). I get all kinds of error messages and don't how to go about getting the videos to play. Can anyone help me please?
    01-11-2013 02:46 PM

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