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    I generally use Firefox on my laptop, but I'm finding that Chrome works better on the tablet. However, the text size on various sites is all over the place. If I pinch and zoom, then I end up with half the text off the screen and having to scroll horizontally, which I don't want to do. Right now, the only other way to change the text size that I've found is to go to Settings, then Accessibility, then Font Size, and this is far too much of a faff to keep doing every time I move to a different website. In Firefox, I simply hit Ctrl+ or used the little plus and minus signs I'd put into my toolbar, partly due to a nifty Firefox add-on (not available for the mobile version, naturally) called No Squint. Is there something like that for the mobile version of Chrome? Alternatively, is there a better browser I should try?

    I'm using a Nexus 7.
    01-19-2013 09:58 AM

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