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    Test your logic and deductive skills, try to beat the Lord of the riddles, you'll be able to?
    Find the correct answer to the riddles in the shortest possible time, insert the answer or say it with your voice, progress through the game, and face increasingly difficult puzzles.
    Earn points and climb the online leaderboard, proves to be the best in the world in solving puzzles.

    ------------------------------ GAME MODE ---------------------------


    Exceeds the riddles, solve the riddles in sequence, earn points and compare your score with other people.


    Choose riddles that you have already solved, do try to a friend, he'll be able to do better than you?

    The game will be updated with new puzzles and riddles.

    Lord of Riddles,enigma,enigmi,indovinello,indovinelli,mistero,misteri,logica,deduzione,riddle,riddles.
    01-21-2013 02:31 PM

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