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    Bit Cauldron, an established mobile app, has announced the recent update of AudioZest 3D Music Player for the Android devices running on Android 3.0 and up. AudioZest 3D Music Player is a new innovative app that brings 3D Sound and the coolest Equalizer right to your devices.
    AudioZest really pulls the music out of your headphones and manipulates them in such a way that breathes a whole new set of life into them. App offers absolutely unique 3D mode which is really cool, as it allows users drag a virtual speakers around a 3D room.
    AudioZest is a fully fledged music player, with the capability to browse your collection in a variety of manners, make playlists, pause, fast forward, repeat, shuffle and much more!
    Download AudioZest 3D Music Player on Google Play in the Music & Audio category for $4.99 here
    05-04-2013 06:47 PM

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