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    I recently injured my knee and wanted some exercises to help with my rehab so I thought Id give the Physioadvisor exercises app a go. What a fantastic app. Exercises are broken down into easy to follow categories such as balance, flexibility, foam roller, massage ball, pilates, popular programs, resistance band, strengthening and swiss ball. Flexibility and strengthening categories are further organized by joint or muscle. This makes it easy to find exercises for a given joint or muscle.
    The exercise photos and descriptions are very clear and easy to follow and provide great descriptions to ensure correct technique (which was great for me as I often perform exercises incorrectly). Individual exercises can be added to My Program to create your own personalized exercise program. This feature was invaluable in the rehab of my knee as I was able to create my own rehab program. This in combination with info from their website PhysioAdvisor - Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Diagnosis, Treatment - Home has got my knee to feeling almost 100% with self management alone!
    There is also an exercise reminder which was great to ensure I did not forget to do my exercises.
    Needless to say, Im a big Physioadvisor fan and would strongly recommend the Physioadvisor exercises app for anyone who wants an interactive at-home exercise guide to help with their rehabilitation, physiotherapy treatment or general fitness and flexibility. With the reminder and bookmarking features, the app is well worth $3 for people who are motivated to regain physical function.
    Below are links to this app in itunes for iphones, google play for android phones and the physioadvisor website. Happy Rehab to all!
    PhysioAdvisor - Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Diagnosis, Treatment - Home
    07-15-2013 10:44 AM

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