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    We are a group of enthusiastic software engineers passionate about sports. Our dream is to combine our passion for sports with our professional knowledge to create a platform that will serve players from all over the world.

    Our platform will offer players an application for tablet and mobile phone that connects directly to our website. On the website the players can register and have access to :

    Maps with sports locations (basketball courts, soccer fields etc.)
    Live streaming
    Live Chat
    Forum with events
    Ranks and statistics for each registered player
    Workout and nutrition advices
    The application allows users to pinpoint their own sports locations, each location will appear on the map with a distinctive icon different from one sport to another.

    By accessing a location on the map the user can see which players are currently playing, the scoreboard, live stream and can also chat.

    Users can also create events and invite friends to join.

    We also want to create a database of players with their games and accomplishments.

    The workout and nutrition section will contain videos and articles that will help players improve their performances and personal training.

    What We Need & What You Get

    We need funding in order to buy equipment and the necessary software licences to develop our application.

    We want the application to be distributed free on Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Phone and Blackberry World.

    We want to encourage players to be active in our community by sharing videos, statistics and sports locations. By doing so we aim to create a large family of friends that interact and exchange oppinions.

    For the remarcable subscribers that contribute to the development of the platform we want to show our appreciation by giving them promotional items such as : bumper stikers, bracelets, t-shirts, sports equipment.

    The Impact

    We encourage people to spend more time caring about their health. We give them an entertaining way to connect with each other and get out of their homes more often.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    You can help us by spreading the word out.

    Check out our campaign at : Link Sports - Connecting players platform | Indiegogo

    07-24-2013 05:01 AM

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