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    Kids Urdu Qaida is a basic urdu learning app for kids. Through this app kids can easily learn and recognize Urdu Language Alphabets. Its a basic app for kids. App contains fun graphics which are both memorable and colorful. Its a free app and available for android devices only.

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    Kids Urdu Qaida --> Its an interactive application that helps in learning Urdu alphabets
    Kids Urdu Qaida --> Colorful theme
    Kids Urdu Qaida --> Sound connected with each Urdu alphabet
    Kids Urdu Qaida --> You can repeat sound through click on object
    Kids Urdu Qaida --> Each Urdu alphabet linked with understandable object

    Kids Urdu Qaida-11815234613_353c9cd335_n.jpg Kids Urdu Qaida-11815721916_619f9b3467_n.jpg Kids Urdu Qaida-11814975265_db24f3e594_n.jpg Kids Urdu Qaida-11815387964_89b07024bc_n.jpg Kids Urdu Qaida-11815232553_1ee46094fa_n.jpg

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