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    Best Application Launcher - program for quick running application by one gestures on screen and quick On/Off WIFI, GPS, BlueTooth. Not need click many buttons - Make ONE Gestures ! Tested on Android from version 2.3.3(on phone) to version 4.2.2(on the tablet), and all worked fine. On highest version android 4.4.2 - incorrect worked with layers of display , but if you can someone check and help to respond me - i not have device higher 4.2.2 version.

    The application run a programs by using preassigned recognition of gestures - with start point on field of button, following the shape moving of the finger- example (using vector analysis ). It replaces the classic pictograms.

    Full Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.app.launcher
    Lite Version(Small Vectors): https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...p.launcherLite

    Launcher - is always displayed on top of other runnable applications in a the transparent of a square highlighted by default red frame - does not interfere with to other programs and reading of text and does not take much space. Battery pack does not consume as in itself does not do anything in the background - just waiting for events onTouch function.

    To control the program's earlier opened - opens a list of all running software, where you can quickly switch between them or close them (but only if they work in the background). Also at the top of the list are three buttons: 'Close the program', 'Menu', 'Minimize List'.
    For operation of can use eight basic gestures finger movement, with pitch between vector directions 45 degrees, you can also use a combination of vectors in two directions, for example: upward and then left, left - then down, etc.

    Of course you can used to bind programs different gestures in the menu configuration (Settings).
    In the settings for my application, you can also change the appearance of Best App Launcher shape of fonts. Also there is a 'Excludes Application'-a list of open applications android, or rarely system utilities external services - work as active and which cause an error when you switch to them. Since sometimes fall on the list active of user task, such system utilities can be marked as' Excludes 'so they will not show up of the custom list programs.

    Default management Best App Launcher set eight gestures:
    1(UpRight) - Open the program settings
    2(Right) - Minimize all open Activiti (applications) in the background
    3(DownRight) - Close the program
    67(Left then UpLeft) - Open the settings menu android
    65(Left then DownLeft) - See the screen resolution.
    87(Up then UpLeft) - FAST ON/OFF WIFI !
    78(UpLeft then Up) - ON/OFF GPS
    76(UpLeft then Left) - ON/OFF BlueTooth

    Moving Launcher icon on the screen - this is done by dragging a button with delaying of the click on the icon, greater than 2.5 seconds; after removal of retention clicking- icon is positioned at the new location. If pressing the button Best App Launcher was less than 2.5 seconds - then starts the analysis finger motion vectors and the program begin to work search tied to this vector the set configuration (if something is scheduled for this vector).
    The program is added to the AutoRun.

    In the future I plan to add the ability to display instead pictograms Best App Launcher - of the clock / date, alarm clocks, quick opening the list of take brief notes, exchange rates, quick On/Off GSM Radio Module, ON/OFF AutoRotation and Rotation Screen, encryption Messenger by PGP dual keys and other details and information... at the request of of users - should any arise.
    04-26-2014 11:41 AM

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