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    Using my tablet as an ereader for 'classics' - free pdfs.
    Have tried a few apps now and they all have their good and bad points but they all disable the screen sleep. I have a habit of falling asleep reading and wake up in the morning with the screen still on and an almost flat battery...but worse if it has slipped under the duvet and feels quite hot...which can't be good for the battery etc.
    So does an ereader for .pdfs exist that allows you to let the screen sleep? Or rather doesn't override the screen sleep?
    (I tried an online reader from our local library (recent books, not .pdfs) as it was through the browser it did sleep so I just set the 'sleep' for 5 mins and that worked really well - enough time to read a page then turning it stopped it sleeping)
    I know the best solution would be for me not to fall asleep reading ! I'm sure I can't be the only person who does this?
    (I really really can't help it -have always done it ...one minute tired but awake, next fast asleep. I also fall asleep with the light on reading paper books, fall asleep in front of the tv on the sofa etc -have light on timer and tv goes to sleep mode)...
    01-19-2015 03:54 AM

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