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    Hi. I have posted this originally on reddit but sosnt get any response so maybe you guys will help.


    I'm on a trip and I have only my tablet with me so please excuse my spelling mistakes .

    Anyway. I installed Rawdroid demo on the tablet and it worked perfectly. But for some reason I uninstalled it. Then I realised my mistake and installed it again. Now when I click on "edit" when I'm watching a RAW picture that I made it says "choose application" at the top of the screen and ",there is no application installed that could perform such an action" - or something like that (polish translation).

    I went and bought the full version but that didn't help. I restated the device and reinstalled the app. Nothing has changed I am unable to edit pics with pics-editing soft and Google knows nothing.

    You guys had similar problem? How do I solve this?

    Edit: this is the android 5.0 on nvidia shield.
    02-09-2015 01:44 PM

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