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    The Amazon FAOTD yesterday was an older version of Splashtop (a remote desktop app), which I installed on my Galaxy S3 and liked so much I also downloaded it to my Galaxy Tab 4. The problem is, in order to use it the way I want, I have to open the menu and log into my Google account. This wasn't an issue on my phone because it's still running Jelly Bean and the menu button still functions as a menu button. The tablet has Kit Kat, and the one thing I absolutely hate about it is the lack of a dedicated menu button. Usually with some patience and a little hunting I can find that elusive menu icon on most of my apps (and yes, with some of them, it's really that hard to find), but I've been trying for a day and a half to figure this one out with no luck. Googling hasn't helped.

    Does anyone have any idea either 1) how to open the menu on Splashtop v.1 using Android 4.4 and log into my Google account, or 2) if there's some general way to access the menu for an app if you can't find that icon, or 3) if there's a way to restore "the button formerly known as menu" to its former glory? (In my opinion, the Task Manager is useless. The Application Manager does more or less the same thing.)

    On a side note, yes, I know there's a newer version of Splashtop available for free in Google Play. Unfortunately, I want the app to access files on my desktop over the Internet from a remote location, and in order to do that with version 2, you have to buy an add-on AND pay a monthly subscription fee. I'm literally wanting to use the app for 2 hours to edit a couple of three-page reports and I just don't want to pay for it. It seems to be working fine on my phone, other than being slow and laggy. It works great on my tablet when I'm on the same Internet connection and does exactly what I was just wishing two days ago I could figure out a way to do. All I need to do is open the menu, go to settings, and log into my Google account, and theoretically I should be able to go to the house across town where my information is, use my tablet to open the report on my computer, and type in the information I need, all with no additional purchases required. (The house has a secure Internet connection.)
    04-03-2015 01:52 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    When Splashtop is open on your tablet, try swiping up a little from the bottom of the screen. That usually brings up the nav softkeys after they've been auto-hidden. The menu button might be next to them.
    04-03-2015 04:34 PM

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