1. Digiflame's Avatar
    Figured this out after seeing it done on ipod touch.

    You'll need

    ScreenRecycler ScreenRecycler
    androidVNC from market

    Install screenrecycler and the driver as it says and restart. On androidVNC enter the IP and port screenrecycler give you. This is where the android app gets special, i tried Wyse PocketCloud and MochaVNC lite and neither would work. Now, besides your numbers you'll want to set color format to 24-bit color (4bpp) and i checked force full screen bitmap. Once it connects you'll want to open your macs display settings and make the secondary display 800X480 (for archos 70) in the androidVNC settting i set scaling to fit to screen, but its up to you if you want to pan. Like any VNC this will depend on the speed of your network, you probably cant want a movie on the secondary.

    The screen does seem to go off rather quick if the cursor isnt on the tablet, i use a switchpro widget to keep the display on, otherwise its in the display settings (on the android)

    I'm using an eeepc hackintosh on OSX 10.6 and an archos 70IT on 2.2.1 so if anyone wants to try it on the 43 or 101 it should just be different resolutions.

    the demo of screenrecycler only connects for 20 min at a time so you'll have to restart it if you dont want to buy it.
    12-29-2010 02:45 AM
  2. NickDG's Avatar
    I use Air Display with my iPad and it is very useful especially for tool pallets.
    12-29-2010 03:34 AM