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    The challenge-16f81a9d11e864c02f93a20570e530ee.pngThe challenge-14741b8dd3b4a3cc4ec0a60d53248e16.png

    THE CHALLENGE is the game you were waiting for.
    What would you do if you find yourself in a situation where your life hangs by a thread and the last resort is to shoot your opponent, Would you? or not! . + - +

    Well the game is what will take away boredom is the fastest of the far west

    * Share with your friends
    * Online game mode in connection with everyone.
    * Beautiful graphics and sounds

    (How to play it)

    * Touch the left side of the screen to shoot
    Note: you can not shoot before the "BANG" signal.


    Thank you, hope you like it
    03-18-2017 11:48 PM

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