1. Rabid_Gypsy's Avatar
    For any TELUS users looking for froyo, 0mega1 at XDA has released the leaked 2.2 ROM.

    [TELUS ONLY] [LEAK] OFFICIAL 2.2 for Fascinate 3G+ - xda-developers

    It's running flawlessly for me.
    12-13-2010 01:00 AM
  2. zakth's Avatar
    I really wish that someone would hurry up and release a leak for Verizon. On a side note did you notice any improvements with signal strength from Froyo?
    12-13-2010 01:21 AM
  3. Kevin Gossett's Avatar
    The Telus Fascinate is actually a GSM version, and is more comparable to the Vibrant than our Fascinate... So signal strength improvement from their FroYo really wouldn't tell us anything
    12-13-2010 01:43 AM
  4. Sta11i0n's Avatar
    Agreed. This would also account for them getting it before we do. I still can't believe they call the Telus Galaxy S phone a Fascinate.
    12-13-2010 02:14 AM
  5. Rabid_Gypsy's Avatar
    I agree, it's also frustrating because the Telus Fascinate is basically the T-Mo Vibrant, minus front facing camera and different radios. So cases require some looking at .
    12-13-2010 09:42 AM