1. jeffmorr's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I've been using my Fascinate for what must be about 6 months now, and after school started again in January, I started really seeing the pain of a really bad battery life. I wake up at 6am with a fully charged phone, use my phone on the bus, text sometimes in class, then text after school until about 11 when I go to sleep. The battery life only lasts until about 5 or 6pm! I usually turn off WiFi when I leave home, by the way.

    So, since there isn't any app that can give me a full 6 hours extra battery life, I have bought 3 extra batteries and a 50 dollar battery charger off Amazon, plus an extra Micro-USB cable and Car-USB adapter. Now, I run through up to 3 batteries in one day, especially Friday's since I'd be up from 6am-2am. Since then, I've also bought a Sony Ericsson LiveView watch that connects by Bluetooth, and that doesn't make things better.

    Although this isn't of much help, its just a notice that you're not the only person with battery issues, and TELUS will refuse to give you/sell you extra batteries.

    PS: Thanks to MobileSyrup.com for giving me the Fascinate on a Christmas contest
    06-11-2011 06:44 PM
  2. broncobilly's Avatar
    battery life on all smart phones arent that great. Think of your phone as a computer but smaller. It takes alot of battery to run. I find that juice defender helped me. without it my phone would last about 6 hours light use . now with it i can usually last 10 hours. sometimes more. depends on how much i use it
    07-29-2011 07:25 AM