¿Is there a way to auto sync my smart band statistics with an app (long term)?

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I own a "XIAOMI MI BAND 4" (but I’m not asking specifically for that band. I want to upgrade it in the future).

The band has an internal record of my activity, also it sync with my android app (first I used the official app, now I’m using the incredible gadgetbridge).

But for what I can see, that log doesn´t go further than a week I think.

And what i want, is to keep statistics of my activity, sleep, heart rate etc. for a larger time, months, years, maybe unlimited.

I don’t think that would result in a heavy database file, it´s all plain text.

By having that records, I could have better statistics of my progress.

It also would be great if i can keep that statistics when I change my band; I mean, to keep the sleep, activity, heart rate etc. between bands. I´m talking about an open database format.

There’s an export function on the app, but it has to be manual, so I have to remind every week to export the file.

Anyway, I can't find any app that can import that file and generate its own larger open database.

¿is there an app, service, or web that can auto (or manually) do what I want?

Thanks in advance


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central.

You may want to consider a smartwatch if bands aren't giving you what you need. I say this because I have a Galaxy Watch 4 and through the Samsung Health app I am able to go back to the day of purchase and just based on the way it looks I could go indefinitely and always be able to look back.

Maybe the Samsung Health app would work with your band or another band if you're trying to stay inexpensive. I don't see an export feature just looking quickly, but it's tied to my Samsung account and I don't know what that offers me other than recovery.

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