1 year in, still great at everything


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Nov 10, 2017
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Guys, I'm a 7 year fullon iPhone user and jumped ship last year for the great Galaxy S8+. Coming from iOS, my expectations were not too high regarding battery life and long run performance on Android devices.
Not only has that opinion vanished as I've had a better experience. I been getting a much better battery life on this unit than I ever have on ANY iPhone I had. And guess what, 1 year later it's still holding up the same way.
Performancewise I haven't noticed any slow downs up to this point, so I'm pretty happy about this phone.

Question now: should I upgrade to a Note 9? :p
Dig that battery life, but don't think I'll ever use the S Pen, but who knows!


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Jan 19, 2018
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Have had my S8 since January.

Moved from Apple because I was fed up with being railroaded into installing iOS updates which were increasingly (since around iOS 8.6) unstable and bug-ridden.

Able to use Siri to bypass the lock screen.. install an iOS update and backwards compatibility with the apps was broken requiring the apps to be reinstalled.. promise of potential roll-back if problems broken when phone no longer connects to that godawful bloatware called iTunes.. screen rotation feature broken so everything came up sideways initially.. continually slowing performance even though none of the updates provided anything actually new or useful except ads for Apple every time you opened "Music".. I can only imagine that had Steve Jobs had these experiences the testing team would have been fired back in the day.

The biggest joy with this one, although it took some doing, is that you can completely disable updates. It was frustrating since my observation was that once the phone detects an update it is deliberately slowed down and then begins nagging you like Apple. This board is full of messages about Oreo bugs. I just want something that works.

And this phone is that. It works today, it will work tomorrow, and the day after.. exactly the same. With the same performance. While negatively it's less intuitive and less slick in appearance, and probably more prone to being able to be exploited, it's much easier and less time-consuming to own.


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Jun 6, 2015
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Congrats, and welcome to the forums. I'm still on the S8 myself and I'm in a weird place. Loving the device. Still remarkable performance but I've got the itch to upgrade. Probably going with the LG V40 as I have a history with LG, but I'm torn because the S8 is so fantastic. Anywho, good to have you!

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