2 launchers?


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Feb 25, 2011
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After I clean installed EB13, I tried GOlauncher out. I like their SMS app a lot. Didn't find the launcher all that great and it completely drained my battery in an hour of messing with it so I uninstalled.

Then when hitting home button I would get a pop-up to select default launcher - and even though GOLauncher was uninstalled I still had two options - Launcher and TWLauncher.

Is this normal? Are there indeed two underlying launchers, or did GOlauncher leave some crud behind on my system?? Selecting the "launcher" rather than touchwiz interface looks like a rom - like Pauls Ace ROM to be exact.... WEIRD?

Anyway I can dig into my system to remove it??


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Dec 5, 2010
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Yes, there are two launchers. I noticed the same thing when I first got my Epic and installed, then uninstalled LauncherPro. Just set the Touchwiz (ugh) launcher as the default and then you'll be fine.
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