2 scary screens of boot loop death, how do I bring it back to life?


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2 scary screens of boot loop death

so yes i tried rooting my phone - and hell - i dn care abt backing up my phone's content
and i used kingo root on my samsung galaxy s5 and i thought it was all going well, and not idk if it's hardbricked or softbricked? (wtf are those anyways?)

so the past few days without alarming anyone in the house, i'd been finding solutions that would spare me the distress but to no avail. it's just stuck on the recovery boot/logo screen and the downloading - do not turn off target screen

so far i just spammed volume -, home and off key all at once, but it just juggles me between the two screens

so how i do bring it back to life?
working solutions are greatly appreciated

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