2 slot USB car charger compatible with the Xperia Z


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Aug 6, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to find a two slot USB car charger that would work with the Xperia Z. I upgraded to an Xperia Z recently and found that my car charger doesn't work with it. I have tried the charger with my friends Samsung GS3 so I know it works fine. I have also looked around online and found that many people have the same problem that a lot of car chargers don't work with the Xperia Z. The most common solution I have found is to buy a Sony AN401 car charger but that only has one USB slot and I really liked the flexibility of being able to charge two devices on my old charger. So is anyone using a two slot car charger with their Xperia Z? Can you please post the brand and model number if available. I have heard that a htc two slot car charger works but I don't know the exact model, can anyone confirm?

Scott Kenyon

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Apr 2, 2011
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Any 2A charger itself should work, what you need is a usb cable compatible with the phone. I had a similar experience with my Galaxy Nexus where only certain usb ends would work.
The generic 2A charger I bought from Radio Shack seems to work with anything. I'll try to remember to post the brand when I go to work.

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