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2GB vs 5GB of Data for a week?


New member
Oct 2, 2015
I'm going to be traveling to Europe for a week and was looking into different SIM card options- my Galaxy s4 Mini is unlocked and I just want to get a sim card to be able to use abroad. I'll be away for exactly a week, and was trying to figure out how much data i need.
I will not have ANY wifi, so everything will be over data. The plan I was looking into has opions for 2GB or 5GB of data, and has free unlimited international calling and free SMS within the country I am in.
I would need data for whatsapp to be in touch with everyone in America- which would be pretty constant- proabably between 100-200 messages a day- and some of these would be picture texts. I would send a few emails, less than 10 a day, and would browse the web and use waze and google maps a bit, at most an hour or 2 a day, just to get directions and finalize plans.
I would also like to use my phone to Skype a bit- not a crazy amount but mabe a total of 5 hours thorughout the trip.
How much data do i need for the week?
Thanks for answering


Well-known member
Dec 6, 2010
2GB was enough for a week trip to UK. But I had WiFi at the hotel and work and I barely touched 1GB. I used about 400mb on cell data and the rest on WiFi.

If it doesn't cost much more to get 5GB then go for it.

I never posted to social media and I used facebook messenger to communicate with people back home.


Active member
Nov 27, 2015
2gb will suffice my needs for one month, i only use facebook lite and messenger litr