3g live in syracuse ny!


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Aug 5, 2009
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Greetings! I looked around and didn't see any mention of this at any of the usual places, so I thought I would let you lucky upstate New Yorkers know that Syracuse NY now has 3G as picked up on my G1. I am tethering right now and downloading files at about 50kps using pdanet. was getting roughly 20kps downloads over edge, so definately an improvement there!

On a lark I turned on 3G on the phone, and for about 6 minutes it didnt get any signal at all, neither cell nor data, then I selected tmobile from carrier list and it told me my sim was not allowed or able to connect, which I thought was odd, but then I saw the 3g icon and nearly spit my soda out (yup, ima phone nerd for sure.)

Would be excited to know if Rochester and Beefalo, also have 3G. It didnt work 2 days ago and possibly even yesterday!