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Jun 22, 2012
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My phone in Setup message was that my phone was up to date..but got messages there was an update...This is what led me to look for this in the first place.

NOT MY original post Or the original post but HERE IT IS ...I sat here at my desk for hours....
***The instructions on option 3*** tell you to change the DATE....this reverts back to the REAL date VERY quickly.
****PUT YOUR PHONE in Airplane MODE****....change the date as instructed. Now you will see that there is an update available when your reboot and you can download the 4.08.605.2 as you will get the message it is available and will actually START to try to download.
Now .....put your wifi back on and the download will start.

I am not sure if i needed to get rid of the apps for spacing so would try this without doing that first. The clearing of the cache instructions are Perfect!!!!

Congratulations ! Your phone has been upadted successfully to version 4.08.605.2.

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PhoneHTC Incredible11-17-2011 01:20 PM #1 I found the solution (forced 4.06 --> 4.08) and it WORKED!!!
I wish I could take credit for the genius of this post, but I can only take credit for having the time and frustration to find it, haha.

Follow these directions after you have cleared up as much space as possible, that you are SURE you aren't going to get the nasty low space message. Then follow the instructions. After you do that, go into your settings and change the date to one month from now (the one year won't work for most people as suggested in his original directions). Then go into your system update screen and shortly the new update should appear.

Second GB Update/Patch Won't Reboot Issue - SOLVED! - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

You will need this if you tried to force the update by changing the date and the phone wouldn't restart. I'd post a picture of my software screen, but alas I have an un-rooted phone and can't take a screen shot.

Good luck everybody!

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