4.3 update battery problems/heat solved...due to launcher weirdness...complicated

Eaton Scrapple

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Nov 8, 2012
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I spent a couple hours with my Nexus trying to debug low battery life AND heating issues. I used a CPU app, Cool tool, to watch the CPU go from a constant 20% down to ZERO. So here's the scoop.

I removed EVERYTHING from all panels of my launcher. Home, and all the rest. Just removed every widget until it was all BLANK. Turned off the live screen saver and went with a stock image.

I then cold booted (hold Power button in for 30 seconds until it restarted). On the first restart, I noticed THERE WERE ICONS FOR DELETED APPS on the home screen! Yes, stuff I had uninstalled came back for a zombie life. I removed those icons as well, and cold booted again.

Upon the second restart, the CPU was cruising at ZERO. I then noticed that my launcher now had FIVE panels and not just the THREE it used to have (even after the 4.2.2 and 4.3 updates). All were blank. I then started putting my apps and widgets back. Conclusion...overnight it lost just 1% of battery power instead of the 30-50% it was using SINCE the 4.3 update.

I suspect changes made to the launcher all along tried to put your home screen and so on back together so you wouldn't know it changed, but didn't carry the information forward correctly.

Anyhow this worked for me! No more zombie apps, no more trying to fit the old 3 screens into 5 leaving something awry.