4G in Houston down? Can anyone confirm?


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Sep 22, 2011
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Unable to get on at all this morning or last night. I have no other 4g phones to test now so I'm looking to any local Houstonians that might confirm or deny 4g connection. Is anyone else down or is it just me?

Thanks so much!


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Sep 22, 2011
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I just made a chat connection with a Sprint rep and was told this was something that might be an issue for the area (when asking if it was an individual or common issue with area). Chat convo below if you care.

10:33:49AM ZA7CH84: "I'm unable to connect to 4g from my Nexus S 4G. In (usual) high signal area but won't connect. Have power-cycled 3 times now."
10:34:35AM Agent (Dabney Se): "I understand your concern and apologize for the inconvenience. Please give me a moment while I research your issue."
10:35:53AM Agent (Dabney Se): "Let me check the details for you."
10:36:01AM ZA7CH84: "ok cool"
10:38:49AM Agent (Dabney Se): "For how long, you are facing this problem?"
10:39:27AM ZA7CH84: "Since yesterday, I believe. I had 4G for some of the day in the afternoon but since I have been unable to get a connection."
10:40:02AM ZA7CH84: "I knew something was definitely wrong when I was in a signal area that usually has full bars this morning."
10:40:21AM Agent (Dabney Se): "I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to this."
10:40:36AM Agent (Dabney Se): "Please switch off the phone and take out the battery and let me know."
10:40:47AM Agent (Dabney Se): "I will refresh the services for your from here."
10:41:17AM ZA7CH84: "Ok, that battery is now out."
10:41:25AM Agent (Dabney Se): "Thank you."
10:41:36AM Agent (Dabney Se): "Please allow me a moment to refresh the services for you."
10:45:38AM Agent (Dabney Se): "Thank you for waiting."
10:46:11AM Agent (Dabney Se): "I have refreshed all the services for you. You can switch on the phone now and try to access the Internet within an hour."
10:46:16AM ZA7CH84: "No problem. Do you know why or how this might have happened?"
10:46:36AM Agent (Dabney Se): "As it takes, long one hour to update the data services after refreshing."
10:47:00AM Agent (Dabney Se): "It seems a temporary technical issue."
10:47:23AM ZA7CH84: "Particular to me or the Houston area in general? If you don't mind my asking."
10:47:51AM Agent (Dabney Se): "Houston area."
10:48:09AM ZA7CH84: "Ah, I see."
10:49:02AM Agent (Dabney Se): "Hope, it will work within an hour and if the problem still persist the same, you can send an e-mail to Sprint."

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