7.5 months in. My experience so far with my Surface Duo.

Mark Kaplan

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Oct 4, 2017
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I realized today it's been almost 8 months since I switched to the Duo as my primary "device". The learning curve is long. But I wanted to adapt to this new way of doing things. It took me a while and yes as we all know it was quite buggy in the beginning and still has its challenges, but all in all, I prefer this device to my last phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9+. I love being able to work with 2 apps simultaneously in full view. I can work on the fly more efficiently when I have my email and calendar open at the same time in full view. The things that still bug me, some will be fixed, some cannot. The hardware deficiencies in this unit, IMHO, are the lack of a small caller id display on the outside front, and a better camera. I know many want an sd card slot, that's just a nice to have for me. The first two have to addressed in the next version. Again, just my own opinion. Software bugs are still aplenty but are being addressed with each update. I would like to see updates more often as they are sparse. I would also like to see a Preview Program for Duo's Android OS. Obviously, there is an internal Dogfood for this but no public preview that I have been able to find. I am still unable to continue an android auto call on my Bluetooth earpiece without having to keep the phone open. If I close it, the call is disconnected. This does not happen with Android Auto, only when that is closed. The workaround I found was to transfer the call to the headset before I turn off the car. Taking a picture is still a challenge as to getting the device to go to the proper screen. Swiping also still needs some work as it's touchy in how it responds sometimes. Regarding all the reports on the phones charging port, I have not had any issues with my charging port. I am also very careful with how I plug it in and remove the plug. It cannot be yanked out. The slightest angle will break the housing. Remove it carefully and you'll never have a problem. Other than the camera quality, I love the device and look forward to the next version. I could never go back to a regular smartphone.

Mark Kaplan

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Mar 6, 2012
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Thank you for your in-depth review! I've been waiting to see how users are feeling about the Surface Duo. I'm so glad you don't have charging problems, and that you are enjoying the phone. Hopefully things like camera and hardware fragility will be addressed in the next iteration. Thank you again for your awesome review! :)

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