A bent USB C plug

Fred V1

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Jun 5, 2019
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This is a completely curious question, as I can simply replace a charger cord if affordable.

I can recall my charger's port being tight as a rope when I plugged it in my phone before my mother rearranged it just to charge her broken phone. Does a charger's USB-C feel loose when plugged into the phone after it's forcefully bent?


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May 31, 2021
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I had a usb c port replaced, along with an attached mini motherboard thing, free under 2 year warranty (iirc) by Nokia in 2020. It was about a year old and I was starting to hold or balance the cable at an absurd angle to get a charge.

It was well reported online that batches of this model had ports made with inferior metal, and as soon as I queried it they paid to collect and return it with no questions asked.

So this can and does happen with ports on phones, but there may be several reasons, including I would guess misuse, so I would either ask the manufacturer or a repair shop. If you are having to angle it to connect, I doubt if it will get better.
You don't say what brand and how old it is.

ADDED : OTOH if you are referring to the plug on the cable itself, I've had one or two slightly bent ones at the cable end. It feels tight when you put it in (phnaw phnaw) but often one side only would fast charge or charge at all. Tried another cable?
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