A couple of things (former Storm 1 user)


Nov 6, 2009
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So My first impressions are that I like this phone. Nicer overall than the Storm. I just didn't like how slow and hangy the storm was. And I didn't think the Storm 2 was enough better.

There are definately some things that blackberry has that I miss already.

1. Custom sound profiles. In the blackberry, you can set up your own custom profile. For those that never had one, for example, you can have your own "night" profile, where only the phone rings. Or a "meeting" profile where everything(email, SMS, phone) is vibrate only. So instead of chosing how loud you want the phone to ring, you can custom set it all up, and then just pick between each profile depending on certain things going on.

I found on the Market an app called Sound Manager. I am playing with that right now. Hopefully this will be something similar to the blackberry.

2. Facebook App. It's a much nicer interface, but severely lacking in what it can do. I wish it would have it's own notification icon on the top where the SMS/email shows up. So far it hasnt' done that. And even though I have it set to update every 30 minutes, it just isn't doing it. I have to manually refresh the notifications. And then if someone posts on my wall, you have to click on the globe icon which takes you to the mobile website to read your post. What's the point? I get an email that says someone posted, then I open the app, only to then get routed to the mobile website? I thought the point was to not have to to go the mobile facebook website!!??

Also, if someone sends you a message with facebook (not on your wall), I get an email about it, but cannot see messages within the app. So you only know you get one when the email arrives, then you have to go to the mobile site to see it and reply.

Totally lacking functionality.

Other than those 2 things, the rest of the phone is sweet. Nice quick transitions, awesome screen, the google integration is great, since I have a gmail account and use gtalk. I was able to get my IMAP email also for work going.

Anyone else notice these things(Both or separately if you have not owned a blackberry)?




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Oct 17, 2009
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i've noticed them both.

the first one doensn't bother me much as i only go though three profiles at most (normal, vibrate and silent) and found a widget that does exactly that with a push of the button which is great (Ringer Toggle Widget if anyone is wondering)

the second one however annoys the piss out of me. i really like how well it integrates into the contact list, (when it works right which thankfully, for me it did) but the app itself is crap, i would venture to say it is more limited than the blackberry app, which is saying a lot.

here's to hoping they update it soon.


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Nov 4, 2009
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Agreed that the FB app sucks. It's better and quicker than the BB for some things, but also is lacking these key features. I wonder why they wouldn't include them. Hopefully they update it on the double.