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Jan 2, 2011
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This is my first Android OS phone, which I traded in my Black Berry for back in Nov. I have been doing some reading to try and get the most use out of this device regarding productivity. My phone has OS 2.1-update1. My reason for switching was primarily for the applications that are available and I will say the few I have used I am impressed with.

However, I am not impressed at all with the battery life. I am lucky to get past 5 hours with just a few phone calls and some web browsing. I am using the app Watchdog to help me get more time out of the battery. I have Blue-tooth off, don't use live wallpapers, and will use Airplane mode with WiFi on if possible. All of which don't seem to be helping that much.

Here are some questions I have and any suggestions would be appreciated:

1. Any additional options for improving my battery life?

2. Can 2.1 be rooted? It is my understanding it can't be with this release. I would like to move any apps on to my SD card that I can so I don't have to keep deleting apps to free up space.

3. Any way to increase the keyboard light timeout? Is this a firmware setting or OS setting? I have looked though the settings options only find the Screen Timeout setting.

4. Any settings available for configuring screen sensitivity?

5. Any way to remove MySpace in order to free up storage space?

I do have more questions but will leave at this for now. My wife has also traded in her BB for the Samsung Mesmerize which she loves.

Thanks for any suggestions provided.


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Jan 29, 2011
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1. Turn off the wifi and gps when you are not using them, reduce brightness, reduce screen timeout. Also, try installing cputuner from the market. I tried and noticed a big improvement. But you need to be rooted.
2. You can root you're Apex. I just rooted mine. Download z4root from xda-developers and copy it to your sd card. Then install it.
However, you can not move apps to the sd card. To do this we would need 2.2 or a custom rom. And there is not custom rom for the Apex. However, US Cellular is releasing the 2.2 OS in March.
3. No clue about this.
4. No clue about this either.
5. Try systemapp remover from the market. It will cost a $1 and you need to be rooted. I have not tried it.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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