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Jan 16, 2011
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So far this phone is incredibly thin. I am a previous owner of an Evo with the extended battery, so anything thinner than that is refreshing. The last 2 weeks I had the Photon and that was a nice size phone and the stock battery did pretty well. Now that I have the E4GT, having this thinner phone is pretty wild. I haven't had this phone long enough to see if the battery will last the entire day, but knowing the capacity of the stock battery, I am optimistic.

Today I was able to focus on some attention on the phone. I have a couple of issues which I am not able to find a solution.

1. Always Awake While Charging is missing from the usual spot. I connect my phone to the charger and have it on a mount as a routine when getting into a car. I tend to use the Google Maps, Pandora, and/or DoggCatcher. Having the screen always on while on the charger allows me to easily access programs on the phone. Not needing to always unlock the phone is helpful.

2. Keyboard sounds - Anyone figured a way to get rid of that? I think the haptic feedback is enough to let me know I hit a key(s), but the sound gets annoying when trying to quietly type something.

3. Speech Recogntion - Not really a problem yet because the problem has not been consistent. I tried using this feature while looking for a specific store as I was driving my family to our weekend home. I am wondering if the lag being experience by some members is also related to this. When off the charger, no problems with it. I tested this on an AC wall charger when we got to our destination, the problem occured the first time, but did not show the problem after a few more attempts. It is possible the lag issue is affecting the processing of the speech?


bobby james

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Sep 10, 2011
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For the keyboard sounds just go to settings>language and keyboard and u can adjust the sound from there. I hate keyboard sounds too.

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