A few questions about making calls with WhatsApp


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Oct 4, 2016
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(Note and Apology: Yesterday I was unable to login, so posted as a guest. If it's possible for admin to delete that thread, thanks in advance. So far, no replies to the other thread with the subject title of the following line.)

Is there a time limit for whatsapp calls and is it required to be recorded?

I made my first whatsapp overseas call today but encountered a few problems.

1. Is it *required* to allow conversations to be recorded? When I selected "deny" to the request to record the call, the call did not go through. I tried several times and only got the call to work by selecting "allow".

2. Is there a time limit for calls? The call cut out after a while and the microphone button was crossed out and greyed out so I could not unmute the call at that point and could not get any volume to work when trying to reconnect.