A Few Questions Re: The S10


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Jul 10, 2019
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I've just got a few questions about the phone.

1) Always on display. Are people using this? If so, do they have it on at all times, or just to be activated by tapping the screen? Is it a severe battery drain if you have it on constantly?

Also, if I have it set to come on if I tap the screen, the clock appears in different locations on the screen. Eg. At the top or more more central. Is this normal? Or is there a way to make it appear in the same location?

I can only assume the above is to prevent screen burn which may occur from the clock appearing in the same location constantly?

2) Is there a way for the screen to wake when I receive a Whatsapp in the same way it does for the stock messaging app? I know you can enable the pop up feature, but this takes up a large part of the screen. I'd rather it just appear like the stock messaging app does - with a preview of the message etc.

3) Is there a way for edge lighting or the camera cut out to show an LED constantly for notifications until I acknowledge them? As there is obviously no LED like I was used to on my antique S6! The edge lighting or camera cut out seems to light up once, which is no use if you miss it the first time. You also have to sacrifice your normal notification pop ups if you enable the edge lighting feature. I currently have it disabled due to this and the fact it only works with some apps etc.

I've read about various third party apps, but am unsure whether to trust them or if they even work.

4) When adjusting notifications for various apps, you are given the option between "sound and sound and pop up". I have been unable to see the difference between these two options on apps such as the stock Twitter app. Could someone please enlighten me? It would obviously suggest that one is sound only and the other is a pop up of some kind, but I have tested both out on the stock messaging app and the Twitter app and there is no apparent difference.

Thanks in advance. I'm sure I will have more questions soon enough! Haha!


Jul 14, 2011
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Hi there, this is in MY case.
1) Yes, I use it. On all the time (I tried with just tapping the screen, not as useful to me, and battery life difference was negligible). If I turn it off, you might gain back 2 or 3 percent of battery, but you end up turning the screen on more, so in most cases you end up losing more battery.
As for the clock/widget location, yes, this is randomized to help prevent burn-in, especially if you have it always on.

2) Not with stock options (only option is the pop-up with screen off offered in Whatsapp's settings). You can try notification-management apps like Lightflow or even try Bixby routines when a Whatsapp message is received (not sure if that's possible, though, it's just a thought). On the same vein, it might work with automation apps like Tasker (although these take a bit more fiddling and technical knowledge).

3) Again, not in stock options, but the most popular one is Holey Light. Pretty trusted dev, I used the app and it works. I ended up disabling it because I found AOD to be more useful for me.

4) Depends on the app's specific settings. If an app has no specific settings, then the options you see in the system apply: either only sound and a normal notification, or sound AND a pop-up atop the screen (a-la iOS pop-ups). These can be further customized if you download Samsung's Good Lock and add the Edge notification plugin. Pretty neat since you can also enhance the pop-up with a gesture action to launch the app in floating-window mode from it. Also, the pop-up option there is what's needed for an app to work with Edge Lighting (otherwise it doesn't).
Now, if the app (like Whatsapp) has its own notification settings, those will be used (so I'm guessing your Twitter app has a Pop-up option in the notification settings somewhere).

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