A forced system update erased all the game data on my Onn tablet...


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Sep 13, 2021
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So all my games are installed on an android tablet (Onn 10.1 tablet - Android ver. 11)

The device kept trying to force a completely useless update having to do with adding kiddy friendly bloatware that I was never, ever going to use.

I thought that I had managed to disabled said update by not allowing it to download the update by way of a WIFI connection. Since I was recommended on another forum to do that.

Big mistake.

Because the update went on to use my MOBILE DATA to download the update that was 1.7 GB in size. It did that last night.

So the next morning the internet didn't work on my tablet and got a notification mentioning that I needed to install the update that had just been downloaded.

I wasn't happy but I saw no choice but to install the update.

After doing so and after the device restarted, I first noticed that my Nova launcher was all messed up. All the app icons were gone from the top screen. So I had to set up the icons again because I had no back up for that.

So then I decided to play one of my mobile games... and it behaved like I had just installed it. Tried with all the rest of the games on my tablet and they all did exactly the same thing.

And if I managed to log in to these games, they would then ask me to redownload the entire game once again. From scratch.


Most of these games are over 5 GB in size. With the average being from 12 to 25 GB.

I check the apps in settings and they're apparently still the same size that they were before they were wiped. So why are they asking me to redownload everything again?

But more importantly why did a System Update to all this?

And how can I fix this? Or prevent it from ever happening again?

Now I'm sitting here with the prospect of having to redownload over 200 GB of game files just to run my games again.

This is insane!

And with some of these games I don't think that I remember which usernames and passwords I was using. So I might never be able to play them again.

I really need help here. Please someone offer me some advice.

Thank you

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Were all of these games installed from the Play Store, or from somewhere else? What do you mean that they were asking you to re-download the game? Are you talking about additional game files?

There are quite a few games that do save your progress on their own server, which is why usernames and passwords can be very important when playing -- do you know if any of those games do that?

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