A music distribution service Ringtonium is now available in Google Play


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Aug 15, 2013
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Hi, my name is Igor, I'm a marketing manager at Ringtonium project. Android. Our team has launched a new version of Ringtonium for Android. Ringtonium - is a professional ringtone designer that got free music library - a place for free legal downloads.

Using Ringtonium to create new ringtone, message, mail and other alert tones is straightforward. A zoomable waveform, a super accurate editing up to 0.01 sec., effects adjustments make ringtone creation process very simple. The real highlight of the updated version is the collection of music giveaways, which is expanded weekly by music deals.

The core idea of the app is to build the Home of legal music distribution and to provide the easiest way to make ringtones for Android. Users will find, choose and listen to the music they love via the app. The developers re building a music distribution platform based on a ringtone maker. Hundreds of free songs are ready to turn into great ringtones without any limits and additional fees. All stuff is provided by talented musicians and labels exclusively and the best part - it's absolutely legal.

Here you can watch a promotional video of Ringtonium:

Please, visit our site for more developer information.

We are happy to offer our users a chance at winning an amazing acoustic system for smartphones and tablets. It?s a great way to listen to our free music library with friends at school, at college, in university and anywhere else. To participate in the contest, please, visit our Facebook page.


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