a new user of a Huawei product (mate 9) few queries...


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Feb 9, 2017
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hi all. im a new user of a huawei handset and a bit confused with few things..

1- notification sounds for telegram/whatsapp are inconsistent...sometimes i hear the notifications other times they dont sound off..the other important point is, my messages dont appear until i open the app (or click on it to open)
2- in the app drawer mode, how can i get the google voice command widget (ok google) on the screen? the widget disappeared when i went to the app drawer mode and it was not available in the widgets section.
3- there is an app called notepad which is huawei based i assume but its mainly for reminders. is there another app by huawei dedicated for taking notes?
4- does the app store close when downloading a large file? it happened to be a few times with certain large apps. anyone experienced the same? maybe a bug.
5- a HTC related question as someone may have tried it. is it possible to install the APK for blinkfeed on the mate 9? i tried but didnt work...anyone tried it with any success?

in general, the phone is very good. it has some nifty gestures which are actually handy and can be great in reducing time needed for doing things like the double knuckle action for screen freeze. also, the split screen and cut. very useful. didnt even know about it until i bought it!!!
as opposed to samsung gimmicks those are useful on the mate 9.
i ordered the Chinese version as i wanted 128gb + 6 gb ram.

thanks and advance.
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