A Question About Porting Numbers


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Jun 24, 2011
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On Verizon's FAQ page about porting, it states that you need:

- Confirmation that you are the authorized contact on the account with your old service provider.
- The account number of your old service as it appears on your bill.
Note: If you are porting in person, please bring your most recent bill with you.
- Your name and address as they appear on your bill.

My number is on my mom's phone plan with T-Mobile. The authorized contact would be my mom right? And it's her name on the T-Mobile bill. So does that mean I will have to bring my mom along with in order to be able to port my number? I really hope not, as she works when I'll be out and about ordering my plan.


Apr 26, 2010
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you would need to be an authorized contact on the previous account... It says right there on the first bullet point. If you're on the account as an authorized user, you won't need her there.