A solid device so far!


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Sep 14, 2020
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I am that guy who bounces between iphone and android a few times a year. The usual is I just stick with iphone.

I am coming over from the 12 mini, so I figured the regular s21 would be the equivalent device. I usually have some issues right out of the box that just annoys me. I have been looking for those issue with this phone and after 48 hours I haven't really found that.

The only thing that hasn't worked as expected is google assistant in android auto. That's really not a samsung issue and being so use to how terrible siri is. I am not really that bothered by it either.

I have read some things here and on reddit about how this phone doesn't feel any different or like an upgrade compared to the S20. That's a big reason why I decided to pull the trigger on this device. IMO if a device can be launched and users complaints are that it feels identical to the previous device. To me it shows a level a maturity in the software. That means they have done a great job polishing the edges.

That feeling comes from being more prone to iphone. I know if I buy a new iphone that experience isn't going to change from phone to phone. In past experience with android it's a new experience with each new phone.

This one feels different. The whole system just feels more polished and stable. That is a great feeling when trying out a new device. I am not sure if I will keep it or not. I have 14 days to really get a feel for the device. If anything I might just keep it and my mini and switch between the 2 depending on what phone I feel like using.

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