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A thick red horizontal line on my Huawei smartphone screen !

Franc Alishallari

New member
Dec 6, 2016
Hello !

2 weeks ago I've bought a Huawei Honor 6x (2016) on eBay.
It's a new budged device with really good specs.
Yesterday, when I was opening YouTube, I noticed a really thick (1mm) horizontal like in the screen.
The line is not always visible, you can't see it sometimes on homescreen, notification bar, and especially in light background. It's noticeable in max brightness and on some apps, for ex : when you open Instagram you can see it only in the photos that you scroll, not outside the photos, In some apps it doesn't show also when you open recent apps and there's no app to close, it doesn't show, but if there's a list of app to close it will be only half line in the top of the apps.
Sometimes it appears as a full line from left to right, sometimes it's only a short or half line.
Now I'm worried if this is a software (because the line doesn't show always or it least not always a full line) or a hardware problem (dead pixel or LCD problem) ?
I still can return the phone and get a new one, but I was trying to solve it.
Here's a link with some photos I've uploaded : http://imgur.com/a/mUDnE
Waiting for help (an answer).

Best Regards
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B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! It's probably a hardware issue with the screen. Was the phone advertised as brand new, refurbished, or used?

Try booting into Safe Mode: How to turn on safe mode on Huawei Honor 6. If the defect remains, it's either a hardware issue with the screen or (less likely) a firmware problem. I'd contact the seller on eBay and ask for a replacement or refund.