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Oct 29, 2013
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There seems to be somewhat of a confusion as to how to format Android wallpapers correctly. This web site suggests in the upload section to make phone wallpapers 800 x 600 (4:3 ratio) and tablets wallpapers 1200 x 1200 (1:1 ratio) but I noticed that there are Android devices with many different resolutions and aspect ratios and I really doubt that this one size fits all (actually two sizes fit all) gives you good quality enough for all the different devices.

Look at this small table that I created with the different resolutions that I found on different Android devices:


240 X 320...........4:3
320 x 480............4:6
480 x 800............?:?
480 x 854............?:?
540 x 960............16:9
600 x 1024...........Near 16:9
768 x 1024...........4:3
720 x 1280...........16:9
800 x 1280...........16:10
900 x 1600...........16:9
1080 x 1920.........16:9
1600 x 2560.........16:10

If you use only two simple resolutions like 800 x 600 & 1200 x 1200 I don't think that you will be getting the best possible resolution for all those devices and that it will be a compromise no matter what. I think that the people here were trying to simplify to make it sort of easier for most people to do this but it would be good to have all the complete info on how to do it so people can take their own decisions on how to make these wallpapers with the best possible quality if they wish to do so.

There is a page here in the phonearena site that explains how they are really supposed to be formatted:

How to make wallpapers optimized for Android

Look how the tutorial there suggests that the correct wallpaper size is double the horizontal resolution of your device (when held vertically) and the same resolution as your screen resolution vertically.

So if an Android device screen is for example 480 pixels horizontally x 854 pixels vertically the wallpaper resolution should really be 960 pixels horizontally (double) x 854 pixels vertically (same) so that it looks right when the home screen scrolls to the sides according to the info on the website.

It also suggests to remember the rotation issue and that Android centers the image when rotated in some devices and that it centers it at the top on others.

Does anybody knows if this info is correct? Cause I make wallpapers and I try to do them with high quality and I would like to be more clarified in this subject.

So are the following the correct way to format the wallpapers for Android according to the last table?:

480 x 320
640 x 480
960 x 800
960 x 854
1080 x 960
1200 x 1024
1536 x 1024
1440 x 1280
1600 x 1280
1800 x 1600
2160 x 1920
3200 x 2560

I do understand the part explained about the template masks that can be created to serve as a guide for what remains viewable both for horizontal scrolling (when the device is held vertically) and the two others for the rotation of the device to horizontal position according to the web site.

I already have made a wallpaper for Android and I have others that can be better adapted to Android format if I have the correct info and I followed the info on that last website so I created the first one I mentioned in different resolutions according to it. I need to know if the info is correct so I can help better. I noticed according to some posts I saw in the wallpaper section that some people do not seem to be totally satisfied with some of the wallpapers there in relation to some the resolution subject. Please somebody confirm or refute the data of the phonearena web site cause I think it will help a lot of people with this.

I think that some light needs to be shed on this subject to clear it up for people cause from all the odd sizes of Android wallpapers that you see on the net it seems that there is little understanding out there about how to properly do them. The one size fits all mentality seem to be what prevails out there and from what I read this is far from optimal and some people do like their wallpapers done properly with high quality, I can tell you that artists in particular are sensitive to this, I have seen this by reading in several different web sites.

So please somebody help make the life of artists out there easier, it is after all so they make better wallpapers for all you Android devices users out there. What good it is if some people out there create a terrific piece of art and it's willing to share it with other Android users if nobody explains well to them how these wallpapers should really be made. There are plenty of artists out there trying to make this right.
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